We reside in a time of idolisation; We appear constantly distracted by our persona and digital existence. My art is aware of commercial presentation and comes from a fear of alienation and body dysphoria, triggered by Commercial and idealistic formatting.

For my practice, it’s important to see the utility of the embodiment of fears and emotions and shared body awareness. It made me interested in the role of a monster; using the body strategically to communicate negative by-products of The time we are living in. Externalising the things that exist on the edge of my consciousness. To create a body expressive language.

For me this has a cathartic effect and serves as a reflection on sublimation in society.



“an image or representation of a god used as an object of worship.”


My idols are hypothetical objects of worship, with digital commerce as our god. 

It poses the question whether digital commerce is a modern god, and what morals and philosophies are entailed by this new god.

It is a dialoge of my deeper rooted nostalgic self, and my pessimistic grown self working together on objects of attraction, repulsion and desire; creating my self-proclaimed IDOLS.